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Info: I am currently not able to stream regularly on Twitch, Discoveries still happen when I find the time. 

Discover the Universe of Gaming!

Welcome, I'm glad you have found this place! 

Think of it as an independent first impression archive with thousands of unedited actual gameplay videos so you can browse gameplay forever and decide which ones you want to try yourself. 

There are also links to other things I do, like short reviews over on steam and recommending the best games of different genres or some neat mods.

This is also an archive to preserve interesting, unique and fun games that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten.

Who is doing all of this?

My name is Nemo and I create all of the content you can find here. If you want to know more, you kinda have to come over to Twitch and hang out in chat. Would be great to meet you there! 

Can I support what you do?

Any support via KoFi is much appreciated and will be spent on coffee and cookies. Probably.