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Welcome traveler, I am glad that you have found this website! It is dedicated to the love of games and to providing an independent perspective on PC Games.  

Think of this site as an 'independent first impression archive' with thousands of unedited actual gameplay videos from someone who does not get payed to react, who criticizes based on their own experience with games, but strives to be fair and objective based on their years of experience both as player and streamer.

The goal of this website is to archive and preserve interesting, unique and fun games that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten as well as providing information and context about games outside of marketing strategies and pr stunts.

Who is doing all of this?

My name is Nemo and I host and maintain this website and create all of its content. All the videos you can find here are created by me while streaming over on where I focus on discovering awesome games for you

How do I find my way around here?

Simply use the navigation buttons at the top of the site and take a peek at what sparks your interest! 

Start by browsing the 'Discovery Archive' - It contains all the games I discovered on Twitch together with my community! It's a lot of content to go through and a ton of fun to just click a random game name and see what happens! 

Or check out some Reviews for the most interesting, and unique games that I discovered. There are quick first impressions available via my Steam Curator account that you can follow, if you hate long reads or have little time!

Can I contribute to the Discovery?

Next to using the archive, watching the stream and supporting me directly you are always welcome to join me and my community in Twitch Chat and suggest a game for me to check out! Would love to welcome you there. We also use a Discord Server if you enjoy those.

Can I support what you do?

Any support via KoFi is much appreciated!  

Any donation goes toward bringing you interesting discovery streams over on !

Thank you so much! 


NEWS, September 2023: I will not be able to stream on a regular basis on Twitch anymore. Discoveries should still happen, but only when I find the time to do them. I will keep you posted over on discord and here, as soon as things settle down a bit more ^-^