Best of May 2023

Tomb Raider (2013)

Release Year: 2013

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics

Genre: Third Person, Action  

Platforms: PC 

Demo: No

Ep. 05 - Tomb Raider (2013)

Among all the Tomb Raider games, this is the first one I actually finished playing through. Twice. Yes, it is that good and also that short (around 12h for me). Let me go back to the start though, which is a very cinematic one for this game. The whole game is a highly dynamic, fun ride through the experiences of one Lara Croft, soon to be, but not yet, archeologist Tomb Raider Person, who really has the worst luck.

She gets stranded, discovers mysterious mysteries and uncovers nefarious plots! Meanwhile, we get to see, mostly in passing, a gorgeous landscape which is also a totally mad climbing and sliding and falling theme park for the players. Throughout the game, you can enjoy a mix of platforming, story, combat and exploration - sometimes in a mad dash and other times at your leisure, which is one of this games best attribute. The mix of content and activities flows really well and it is super hard to put down to stop. Not that you would want to, because around the next corner! You never know right? You have to, just quickly, take a peek.

Without giving away the story, I can tell you that it is fun enough to enjoy and silly enough to not take too seriously. Obviously, opinions on those topics can differ. Don't sue me.

The graphics are still holding up (after the game got some very decent patches in recent years) in 2023 and provides beautiful and terrifying places to be in or get the hell out of.

The voice acting is spot on, the soundtrack and sound design is nearly spotless.

Allover a very, very good experience and still one of my favourite 3rd Person Action Game (Series) today. 


Yes, it is 18+ Video: Be mindful though, that this is a rather brutal game at times and depicts violence. A lot of it. As well as people getting hurt, a lot.