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31. August 2023

Changes are on the way. Strap in everybody! It's going to be a wild ride.

15. August 2023 (Updated!)

Quick Update on releases! 


Verne: The Shape of Fantasy  

Trepang 2 


Nova Lands 

Metal Mutation 





City of Beats 

Hammerwatch 2 

En Garde!

20 Minutes till Dawn 


Black Skylands 




Divinity Chronicles: Journey to the West 







Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde 

Turbo Overkill 


EA Release: 

USC: Counterforce 

Trail of Ayash  


Space Reign 

The Last Human is a Biker 

Pile up! 

Mistrogue: Mist and the Living Dungeons 

Mars First Logistics 

Halls of Torment 

Erra: Exordium 


Diluvian Winds 

Releasing soon:

Gord (Full Release, 17.August) 

Book of Hours (Full Release, 17.August) 

Paper Planet  (Full Release, 21.August) 

Kill the Crows (Full Release, 21.August) 

REMEDIUM (Early Access, 14. September)

MythForce (Full Release, 21. September)

Fortunes Run (Early Access, 28. September)

11, August 2023

Back from Vacation and with lots of things to talk about! I am back on a weekly schedule (available each week via Twitch Channel Page exclusively), streaming from TUE to SAT:

Love for all of you to come by and hang out when you have the time and looking forward to more streaming in 2023!

09, July 2023

Summer Break for me from 24th July till 10th August - After that I will return with news, awesome streaming plans and hopefully lots of games to discover! 

30, June 2023

NEXT Fest is behind us, Summer Vacation and similar things are around the corner. I will be taking vacation time from July to August,
so expect more reviews and more streams to happen starting mid August - Have a great Summertime and see you soon! 

08, May 2023

Silent Nemo is silent. Keeping up the work in the background, discoveries will slow down during summer, reviews as well, but I am hopeful that I can publish the remaining ones for 2022 at least and maybe get halfway through this year with a monthly review. Thanks for stopping by !

18. Apr., 2023

Just finished a new Review! You can find out about Beautiful Desolation here 

Next up are Reviews for CTRL+ALT+EGO and Seraph!

16. Apr., 2023

Quite some games have moved from TBA status to actual release or EA: I will keep you posted on these changes in the future in this news section (Future lists will be shorter :D )


Destructure: Among Debris

Earth's Shadow 

Dust & Neon

Final Profit: A Shop RPG





Hunt the Night



Mato Anomalies

Mile High Taxi



Perseus Titan Slayer

Power Chord


Rough Justice: '84

Rusted Moss


Shardpunk: Verminfall

Terra Nil





Releasing soon:

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind (18. April )

ArcRunner (27. April)

Soul Survivors (03. May)

Inkbound (23. May)

Above Snakes (25. May)

System Shock Remake (30. May)

Candle Knight (31. May)

EA Release: 

Cardboard Town


Crafty Survivors

Death Roads: Tournament

Iron World

Takara Cards

Trinity Fusion

Plan B Terraform

Energy Survivors (formerly: Eerngy Heist) (18. April)

Mountaincore (formerly King under the Mountain) (18. May)

Survival: Fountain of Youth (19. April)

Shadows of Doubt (24. April)

Archmage Rises (24. April)

Tape to Tape (03. May)

Greedventory (17. May)

Shattered Heaven (31. May)

10.Apr., 2023

I did duck out of the Max Payne 3 playthrough due to it being really weird in terms of control and pacing for me. Instead I am currently trying Beautiful Desolation as a playthrough. Totally slacking with the playthrough review plan because RL. Working on it! Meanwhile, I am focusing on quality over quantity in the Discovery. It proves to be challenging without a proper budget, but its working out for now. Keep in touch - more reviews coming soon! 

08.Mar, 2023

The Ixion playthrough ended with me blowing up the Station. Twice! I decided to let it rest there, for it was a blast to play on stream, but repetition would be limited in its entertainment. For what its worth, the game is such fun to play, it even was fun to get stuck on a problem I could not solve. Yet! 

The next playthrough will be Max Payne 3, starting today!

14.Feb, 2023

Currently working on a new and improved schedule to make more room for gameplay and reviews of the best games discovered.

That incl. a reduction in quantity for the saturday discovery stream, but allows for playthrough content of the viewer voted monthly favourite. 

Currently playing January 2023 favourite: IXION

After the playthrough, you will find a Review over here