Best of Mods

Been there, modded that!

All the different mods that I have tried and enjoyed. Includes recommendations

7 Days to Die

Undead Legacy

One of the most interesting mods out there when it comes to skills and crafting as well as interface and usability.

Apocalypse Now

Very challenging and fun overhaul that re-balances, reworks and re-imagines a lot! Absolutely worth trying, if you
enjoy a more immersive gameplay

7 Days To Die in the Wild West

A lovely idea to put zombies into a different timeline. Also a fun mod to play with many interesting changes. 

Grim Dawn


A standalone Campaign, using mostly vanilla mechanics focusing a lot on being challenging and complex. Has Endgame mechanics and offers a lot of new things to discover, while keeping the Grim Dawn feeling true to the original mostly. The optional Diablo 3 classes are somewhat odd, but surely worth a look.

Reign of Terror

The whole of Diablo 2 put into Grim Dawn. Fully playable campaign with the best of both games and some extras on top. That is HUGE. Not sure how balanced it all is, but it gets challenging soon after Act 1, offers more challenge as an option from the start and has all sorts of goodies for your to discover. Amazing experience!