Best of Survivors

I survived! Mostly. 

There are so many survivor games out there. So. Many.....Its insane! So here is an overview of what I have tried so far.

Full Release

Brotato - Surely one of the more frantic, well designed, mad bullet hell like games out there. Plenty to do, very well executed.

Nomad Survival - Not very well known, this little gem of a survivor comes with a lot of unique features and most importantly many, many builds to try. Especially challenging challenges were quite challenging. And fun! 

Scarlet Tower - One of those "a single run takes rather long" kind of survivor games. Has unique graphics, lots of characters and a bit of and odd powercurve/dynamic. Good fun though.

Early Access Release

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor - A lot of its charm is riding on the same humor and presentation that made the original Deep Rock Galactic so much fun. A few patches in after EA release now, the game is coming along nicely, but is still far away from being balanced and finished. Well worth keeping an eye on! 

Yet another Zombie Survivors - Very interesting gameplay dynamic with a mix of upgrades, perks and skills that allow for multiple approaches. Is getting updated regularly. Is getting better regularly. I keep checking back on this one for one more fix! 

Halls of Torment - Easily one of my favourite survivor games, because of its Diablo 1 atmosphere, interesting builds and multitude of unlockable items. Sadly, each run takes a bit too long for my liking. Still a great game already!